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    Hey Winey! The Wine Opener Affiliate Programme is here!

    As an affiliate, you'll receive complimentary products, accessories and earn 10% commission, get early access to our latest products, and more. Apply below, and remember it's not good to keep things bottled up!

    Why should I become an affiliate for The Wine Opener?
    The Wine Opener was launched by Sophie & Mary, a mother/daughter duo in 2021. Tired of battling corkscrews, they developed this innovative product to enjoy their evening glass of wine together. Constantly needing Sophie’s help to open a bottle of wine, Mary’s arthritis stirred the duo on to search online for a solution. They quickly saw how much a lightweight, easy to use, rechargeable, gorgeous & affordable wine opener was needed.

    We are looking for wine enthusiasts who believe in the product to represent the brand. In doing so, you will start earning a share of what your followers spend when they use your link or promo code!

    So, do you love The Wine Opener? Do you like sharing content on your social media about products you’re interested in? If so, read on, and learn more about becoming an affiliate for us.

    What will I get if I become an affiliate?
    • Earn 10% Commission

    • Free product - Upon being accepted into the programme, affiliates will be issued their personal favourite products from The Wine Opener (2 products). 

    • New product releases - Affiliates will be sent out any new launches first.

    • Get the spotlight on our social channels and newsletters

    • Earning money - You will be given your own personal discount code. You share your link/code with your followers and if they purchase at within 30 days of using your link, or your promo code is applied to basket, you will get 10% commission of sales. (“Sales” refers to post-discount to the figure after VAT and Shipping have been removed.)

    What do I give in return?

    • Create a unique piece of content once a month. For example, talking about the brand on your social media, giving reviews, the different ways, places and social situations in which you use your TWO products. Include #Af on all posts.

    • To become and continue being part of the programme we must be the exclusive wine product in use while being an affiliate. We ask that you do not tag or review another wine product brand while being an affiliate for TWO.

    • Affiliates must provide an address and phone number for delivery of product and update these should they change.

    • The Wine Opener has permission to use your content across all platforms for marketing purposes.

    How does the payment process work?

    We pay all our affiliates via PayPal. You should receive a payment at the start of each month of any earnings you have made in the month previous. You can log in at any time to your Refersion dashboard to watch the sales you are generating.

    How do I get featured on your social media?

    • Take your video or photo in bright light. The brighter & cleaner the image the better.

    • Show off how you use your TWO products in everyday life and for special occasions.

    • Include the brand colors when possible - Wine Red, Pink, and Gold

    • Having the product in the video or photo is essential

    • Tag us @thewineopener_ and mention what product you used

    • Include #af on all posts 

    Sound interesting? Join our affiliate program now by signing up at